Fashion: Drawing Boards to Mannequins
In conversation with TarunTahiliani

TarunTahiliani is one of India’s most celebrated fashion designers. He opened India’s first fashion boutique 'Ensemble' in 1987 and set off a revolution in the country’s fashion space. A recipient of many awards, he continues to produce globally renowned couture, is showcased around the world and works with famous Bollywood stars. As India progressed from a purely hand-embellished textile country to the 21st century of power looms, TarunTahiliani continues to work tirelessly to preserve our heritage of the draped form. More than most ancient civilisations, India’s textile range is mind-boggling. How do we ensure this startling legacy can persist in catering to a million contemporary styles in different regions keeping in mind utility and lifestyle? How do we preserve what we had and still be relevant? At India by the Nile, Tahiliani examines all of this with live demonstrations of fashion on models in a dynamic interactive show which has it all: from drawings to mannequins, ancient civilisations to the mad metropolis, from history to the future, from drapes to disco dresses, encapsulating cultural heritage, bridal couture and much more!



: 17th March

: India House (By invite only), Cairo

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