India By the Nile

Indian Experience in Egypt

The Embassy of India in Egypt and Teamwork Arts presents ‘India by the Nile 2017’ – a celebration of contemporary and classical music, dance, theatre, visual art, film, food and literature. The exceptional programme will provide an avenue for dialogue and collaborative exchange between Indian and Egyptian literary figures, performers and visual artists.




Uncharted Seas

Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company- The Drishtikon Dance Foundation

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Global Fusion

Dr. L. Subramaniam, considered India's foremost violinist, began learning the violin at a very young...
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Dramatic Tales from Mythologies

Vanashree Rao and the Dance Project

Vanashree Rao began dancing only after her post-graduation under eminent Gurus such as Guru Krishna ...
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Images of Truth: ‘Satya ke Pratiroop’

The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Commissioned by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in 1993, Images of Truth broke the bo...
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The Kutle Khan Project

Folk Music

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Bollywood Workshop

Gilles Chuyen

Gilles Chuyen- Bollywood Dance Workshop Trained in France in folk, modern Jazz, ballet and contempo...
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Open Walls- Street Art

Mohamed Abla and Yogesh Saini

Mohamed Abla with YogeshSaini Mohamed Abla, a well-known Egyptian artist and YogeshSaini, founder o...
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India Framed-Photography Exhibition

Ashraf Talaat

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Film Festival

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Yoga and Wellbeing

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Business Seminar

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Indo- Egyptian Craft’s Mela

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Indo Egypt Craft Mela

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Some Impressions About the Festival

  • The enormous work that went into making this festival both interesting and valuable cannot be overlooked, and it is largely due to Teamwork Arts

    – Al Ahram Weekly
  • to many Egyptian followers of India’s films and TV series, the glimpse of Bollywood is the festival’s core attraction.

    – Al Ahram Weekly
  • Bollywood dance workshop which was conducted by the famous choreographer Gilles Chuyen in Cairo on Sunday at Maidan Theatre in the Cairo Opera House saw a huge response from dance enthusiasts.

    – The Times of India
  • You learn dance to take forward the Indian heritage abroad. It is a great honour to do that. With Egypt, the honour is even bigger since it’s one of the biggest and oldest civilisations began there.

    – Dona Ganguly Odissi dancer in the DailyMail
  • India by the Nile is a connection between the people of India and the people of Egypt, who share a very old bond of love and affection, a bond which stretches across various areas. Through two weeks, the people of the two countries will celebrate this bond

    – Ambassador Sanjay Bhattacharyya
  • “Culture is an extremely important part in any civilisation and it can bring people together. Culture allows you a window into another world, another people, history, philosophy, tradition and way of thinking,”

    – Sanjoy Roy, Director of Teamwork Arts
  • India by the Nile festival continues to enchant Egyptian audiences with a photogenic radiance unique to India

    -Ati Metawali Al Ahram Online
  • “India By The Nile is considered a key cultural event. It is one of the main proofs of the real friendship between the two countries.”

    – Camila Sobhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture