Workshop & Sessions YOGA & WELL-BEING SESSION

India- Egypt Crafts Exhibition

India- Egypt Crafts Exhibition

The well-being experience will have on offer the care and advice of qualified Ayurveda & Yoga experts and therapists. A demystification of traditional Indian medicine will be the aim and will be juxtaposed with the holistic and spiritual discipline of Yoga to focus on both physical and mental health. The sessions will aid in improving general health and endorse preventive healthcare for all age groups.


  • 27. March. 2017

  • 10.30am

  • Plaza, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

  • 28. March. 2017

  • 10.30pm

  • Al Azhar Park, Cairo

  • 29. March. 2017

  • 10.30pm

  • Child Museum, Heliopolis

  • 30. March. 2017 ( Yoga & Well-being Seminar )

  • 5.30pm

  • Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture