India Images: People and Places
Photography Exhibition by Dr. Khaled Gawdat

This exhibition will showcase an Egyptian perspective of the wonders of India. The photographer, Dr. Khaled Gawdat, Professor of Surgery, Ain Shams School of Medicine, Cairo, is a doctor by profession and an avid photographer. Photography has been his hobby for almost forty years and he has shot around 100,000 pictures per year. He is fascinated by travel photography and also does weddings pictures and portraits. He has visited India thrice and has found it to be a photographer’s heaven with its vast, colourful canvas of magnificent landscapes, cultural heritage, religions co-existing in harmony and many places of worship. India is also home to one of humanity's greatest architectural wonders: the Taj Mahal. Dr Gawdat hopes to show India's beauty through his photographic exhibition at India by the Nile.


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